Trying WordPress Again

A little history from before there was a WordPress. I have been messing around with computers since I was about 11-12 years old. That would be 1978-1979. Computers were not nearly what they are today. I played with friends and neighbor’s computers (when I was allowed and they would let me) until I finally got one of my own. My first was a Sinclair ZX81. My dad Brinkley senior ran television repair shop as I was growing up. Once in a while he would do some bartering where he would trade television repair services for other goods and services. The ZX81 came in on one of those trades and I ended up with it. As soon as I got my hands on it I hit the ground running. I’ve been chasing better and more powerful computers every since. The ZX81 was very limited. It was however, a good introduction to the BASIC programming language. This led me to the Commodore family of computers from the VIC-20 all the way up to the Amiga. Finally in 1992, I was able to get a hold of a IBM Compatible Clone.

Just one year later in 1993 I was introduced to the Internet and Immediately I knew that life would never be the same. I got myself a hosting account and began hand coding web pages/sites with HTML in 1994.  Being the curious type that I was, I tried WYSIWYG types of editors as they were introduced along the way. The first of one that I saw in 1995 was called CoffeeCup HTML Editor. It was a pretty neat little page creation tool. It is still in production and I’m sure that the current version is much more capable than the original.  I also tried several others including FrontPage and Dreamweaver but found the whole WYSIWYG thing very limiting in what could be created since I was already used to the freedom to create that comes with manual coding.

I was first introduced to WordPress in 2005. At the time it was a very simple blogging program. Since I was not interested in blogging, I didn’t hardly give it a second thought. Once in a while someone would say WordPress in a conversation and I would think to myself “Oh you are one of those bloggers huh?”.  Not that there is anything wrong with blogging or being a blogger, It just was not for me. I was interested mainly in creating commercial websites for companies and considered blogging to be an online sort of diary which was open for the world to read. Meanwhile WordPress was becoming more and more powerful in it’s abilities. I finally took another look 12 years later in 2017. Man at how it had grown by then. It is now the most popular content management systems in the world. Used by millions. Has so many themes and all these plugins / add-ons. So I thought why not give it another chance. Lets just see what I can create with WordPress.

So that is how this website came to be redesigned. And this is the first Post entry that I wrote in the process of redesigning it. So far I like it. I do not find it nearly as limiting as the older program based WYSIWYG editors. It’s very easy to break into code to do something that the system itself does not. We will see how far it takes me into the future from here.